Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Is it worth it?

I haven't had a lot to say for about six months now.       A lot has happened in that time.     The government hobbles on, despite the efforts of some to stop it at all costs, and others to push it towards some abstract vision that may not conform to the realities of ordinary people, but looks good on paper (or PC screens, as the case may be).

As I write, a federal default is about six hours away.    Frankly, I couldn't care any less, but the truth is, the credibility of the nation in the eyes of the world, (the same world that we want to pay attention in other situations), rides on this day.     I am somewhat chapped right now that the Senate and House are delaying a vote on the so-called "compromise" until later tonight.     (I give it an even chance of passing, even now).

Maybe more on this later.

I believe that it is time to amend the Constitution to better define the responsibilities of government, cement certain rights in an age not envisioned 240 years ago and to give the government a little guidance.

Not too many people read this missive, three that I know of and my absence might have thinned that down a bit.

If you have any ideas on a likely amendment proposal, post em in a comment.     Try not to be too concrete, the Constitution has lasted this long because of the political U-Joints built into it.

Go get em.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Damn! All in one week!


Kinda leaves life a little barren, eh?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How far can this go?

OK, this has me thinking.

Politically, we are in the perfect storm.  

People really could not give a rat's ass about what Congress or the President do or talk about doing because it amounts to squat, (aside from the value it has for FOX News, who could turn squirrel shit into a major threat by liberals against the lives or normal Americans).

But right now, we have people worried about the economy that appears to be controlled by agencies out of the reach of almost everybody, a government dedicated to keeping it that way, and doing nothing to promote the general welfare, and now, taking at least some of the symbolism that makes many people think there is hope.

Guns and sex.

And I am not being a smart ass here.

I am a gun owner and I screw from time to time and I am concerned.     There are a lot of things that dictate the circumstances of my life, very few that I control completely, and these are among the few that offer me any reassurance that I am not a complete prol with no significance at all.